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Customer Service by Location

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Avondale, AZ: 623.935.9367
Branson, MO: 417.334.8366
Canyon Lake, TX: 903.769.2095
Carefree, AZ: 480.488.4152
Catawissa, MO: 903-509-1500
Cape Girardeau, MO: 903-509-1500
Cave Creek, AZ: 480.488.4152
Cedar Hills, MO: 903-509-1500
Conroe, TX: 903.769.2095
De Soto, MO: 417.334.8366
Flint, TX: 903.730.4840
Glendale, AZ: 623.935.9367
Gold Canyon, AZ: 480.488.4152
Goodyear, AZ: 623.935.9367
Hawkins, TX: 903.769.2095
Hereford, AZ: 520.458.5470
House Springs, MO: 903-509-1500
Huachuca City, AZ: 520.458.5470
Kimberling City, MO: 417.334.8366
Litchfield Park, AZ: 623.935.9367
Noel, MO: 417-475-3191
Pacific, MO: 903-509-1500
Rio Rico, AZ: 520.281.7000
Scotsdale, MO: 903-509-1500
Scottsdale, AZ: 480.488.4152
Sheridian, IL: 903.769.2095
Sierra Vista, AZ: 520.458.5470
Tyler, TX: 903.730.4840
Whetstone, AZ: 520.458.5470

Public Health and Safety Emergencies

Environmental Health, Safety and Security

Liberty Utilities takes every precaution to provide safe and secure water and waste water systems. Our greatest ally in the health, safety and security of our water and waste water systems are our customers in the communities we service.

If high volumes of water flowing from a broken water main pose immediate danger to public health and safety, dial 911.

In all other emergency situations where public safety is not immediately at risk (listed below), contact your local Liberty Utilities representative by using the contact details listed in the right hand column of this page. 

Water leak:  Water uncontrollability released from a broken or damaged water main or water meter in which public safety is not an immediate concern
Water outage: Unplanned loss of water or wastewater utility service
Spill: When untreated wastewater is released from the sewer collection system

To report any of the following, please call 1-866-553-9692

  -  Security and vulnerability concerns
  -  Company vehicle safety complaints
  -  Public health and safety issues

or, please complete the form below, and a Liberty Utilities Customer Service Representative will contact you:

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